Oral History Tasters

tBelow are some short clips of the 50 oral histories that we collected from the people who have lived, worked and played in Digbeth and Highgate over the past 60 years. You can find more information about each of the oral histories in our Echoes database. You can find out how to access the full archive here.

We’ve also uploaded a number of slightly longer stories here.

 Audio Clip Interviewee 
Georgina Cave
Dr Rock
Lisa Karim and Steven
Tyrone Huggins
Tony Bethune
John MacQueen
Thelma Francis
Russell Green
Rob Messenger
Ray O’Donnell
Peter Night
Paul Kenner
Jackie Brown
Gloria Brand
Gerry Keane
Lisa Karim and Susan Osborne
 Oliver Plunkett
Earl Dunn
Carol Conrad
Chris Mooney
Carmel Holloran
Janet and Shaun Andrews
John and Terry Cresswell
John Cresswell
John Priestly
John Tighe
Juliette Walters
Mark (1)
Mark (2)
Monica Lee
Natalie Sutherland
Nita Newman
Pablo Rider
 Ray O’Donnell