DEC 19 2013

Echoes Work Experience Students

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Over the past few weeks Jamilah and Isabelle, Creative Media students at South and City College Birmingham, have been working with Friction Arts on the Heritage Lottery Funded project Echoes. As part of their work experience placement they were asked to make a short film to promote the Echoes exhibition. Here’s what they made:

Jamilah Grier: My Work Experience Journey

Week 1:

  • Introduction to everyone at Friction Arts
  • Health and Safety brief
  • I learnt why there is an exhibition on Digbeth.
  • I got briefed on what to do, which was to make a short video to promote the exhibition.
  • I went along on a tour of the exhibition to get a better understanding and get some ideas of what shots I would use in my short video.
  • I got footage of the exhibition.

Week 2:

  • I used the exhibition footage to create a storyboard, then presented it
  • I got feedback on my storyboard, plus learnt some professional techniques about presenting my storyboard.
  • I did some marketing e.g. Customising exhibition leaflets and then promoting them through town by giving them to relevant business.

Week 3:

  • Started editing the footage using adobe premiere
  • First I made the opening and then end titles.
  • As my video is set out as a short walk through of the exhibition I started arranging my footage and cutting it down to the necessary frames I wanted and slowly moved forward.
  • I researched the 60s, 70s and 80s music because the exhibition is on Digbeth in the 60s, 70s and 80s and would be best suited to go with the video.
  • I found the music I want to use in my video and then placed it into my video, in the right place.

Week 4:

  • Continued with the editing.
  • Finished editing and received feedback
  • Made changes, and then post onto YouTube and Friction Arts Website.

Overall I found this to be a great and wonderful learning path. I would recommend this experience to any other media students.


Isabelle Pollock: My Work Experience Journey

I was asked to create a video to help promote an exhibition called Echoes, run by an art based company named Friction Arts, which is based in Digbeth, as part of my media work experience placement.

On the first day, Thursday 7th Nov, I went on a tour around the Echoes exhibition, alongside other members of the general public. Throughout the 45min tour, I was able to interact- touch, taste and smell my way around the exhibition. On my 2nd visit around the tour, I thought about the various shots I was going to take when I film people going around the tour e.g. panning shots across various rooms, close-up shots of people interacting with objects etc. On the next day we successfully got all the shots and still images we wanted to create for our video using a Canon G12 camera.

On the 2nd week, we created a storyboard to plan how we wanted to create the video, the effects and transitions we wanted to use, information included on the video and the still images and shots. We also helped with some marketing and helped distribute some leaflets around places such as the museum and the tourist information centre in Birmingham City Centre.

We then began editing our videos using the Apple Macs in my college, South and City College and used editing software called Adobe Premiere. I added fading transitions, added information/quick summary about the Echoes project and contact information: website and contact numbers, added film shots and various still images and added an audio clip (Little Bitty Pretty One- by Thurston Harris) to make the video more lively and more enjoyable for the audience to watch.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my media work experience placement at Friction Arts. It was a different kind of experience because I was working with a proper arts company and working in a different environment, to my usual one at college. It has helped me to be more confident and prepared for the world of work and has helped me to develop more communication skills. Finally, this particular project- creating a video, has helped me to improve my editing skills for my Creative Media Production BTEC college course.

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